Quora Partner Program – How to earn money from Quora


How to earn money from Quora? Do you know about the Quora Social Platform? If yes then also you might not know that you can now earn money from Quora too. You will get full information about this in this post. Nowadays there are many ways from which you can earn money easily if we tell you that you can earn money by only questions or answers. It’s not a big thing. From this post, you will get full knowledge of that website where you can earn money easily only questioning & answering. whose name is Quora.

Many of you already know this website and you must have used this website to answer other people’s questions but many people don’t know that people can use Quora to earn money too. Today we will give full information about the Quora website and how to make money from the Quora app.


How to earn money from Quora - Quora Partner Program

What is Quora?

Quora is one of the Forum websites which is made for just only answer and questions. Many people are connected with this website from all over the world. They ask questions here and they will get their answers from this site easily. If the users of this website know the answer to that question they will reply with answers to those questions.

If we talk about its features then Quora is a platform from which we can ask a question about any topic and we will get answers to our questions from Quora. The Best feature of this site is that if we want someone to answer our question, we can directly request him to give answers to our question. We will get a notification and in that notification, it is decided that who has answered that question.

It is on the top 81 lists worldwide. This website is used in Domestic and Internation countries. It’s more than 7 crores Google Organic Keyword is rank on google. In his site more 12 crores organic traffic is drive which small blogger can’t just imagine also.

What is Quora Partner Program 

Just a few months ago Quora has introduced Quora Partner Program. From this program, you can earn money by answering their questions. If users ask questions in this site then Quora run its ads on that question and it gives us certain money. You can withdraw that money in Paypal.

You should know that you will get Quora Partner Program’s invitation-only if your question or answer gets more than 1 lakh views or if there is more user engagement on your answer.

If your question and answer will get a lot of views and upvotes then the Quora team thinks that people are trusting and liking your question or answer. They will think that you were a good writer then you get an invitation to join Quora Partner Program from Quora.

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How to make money from quora?

In this post, we will talk about what are the ways to earn money from Quora. Quora Partner Program is one of them and there are other many sources to earn money. Check out Below:

1. By bringing traffic to the website

There are a large number of people who share the Question and Answer on this site. If you want to drive traffic to your website and earn money through Google Adsense and affiliate then this site is best for you. If you share your website link then you can get monthly more than 1 lakh users on your site easily.

If you give an answer and put your website post link in the middle of that answer, then there will be a chance that users click on that link and visit your website. It will increase your website traffic.

2. By selling ebooks

It has a platform that is gathering people who are interested in getting new information and knowledge. Therefore, you can earn money by selling e-books through Quora is most effective.

If you are an expert in writing ebooks then you can make an online ebook. If you have made ebooks that cover the solution of people who are asked by people on Quora and sell that ebooks to them are a very effective way to make money online.

Not only on this site but also you can share your ebooks in social media and that can generate high income online. This is one of the best and effective way to sell their ebooks through Quora Account.

3. Affiliate Marketing 

If you visit this site you can see many reviews of the product in different languages like English, Hindi, etc and they put affiliate product link below the review. You can also write a review and put your affiliate link and if some click on your link and visit the product and buy the product then you will get a commission from there.

4. Advertisement

If you would like to advertise your company then here you can get the facility for this. If you have a question and answer related to the company then it will rank first on google because customers search about the company on google fist. When they search for any company then they will get quora posts which will help your business to grow rapidly. In this way, you can make money by advertising your business.

5. Blog Branding

Through this website, you can let people reach your blog by this you can increase the popularity of your brand. When you put a link, if anyone clicks on it, they will get information about your blog.


Earn money from Quora

We hope that you like this post about how to make money from it. It has always been our endeavor to provide complete information about what is Quora to the readers so that they do not have to search about this in any other site or internet.

It will help to save the time of the people and they will get all information in one post. If you have any doubts about this post or if there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down in a comment box.



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